Adrian Gray – the pioneer of stonebalancing art


My new book, 'The Art of Stonebalancing', is now available, priced at £25. It's a gorgeous, glossy hardback stuffed with photographs of my stonebalancing art, with a very flattering foreword by a man of great taste, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. There are three galleries of photos spanning ten years of my work on the Dorset coast, plus chapters on my other projects including an exhibition in Singapore, a sculpture for a medal-winning show garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, my appearance on Channel 4's 'Grand Designs', and my permanent indoor and garden sculptures. There's also the story of how I came to make my living in this way, and an insight into the stonebalancing process.


You can buy the book through my online shop HERE.


Trust in Nature crop


LATEST NEWS: Towards the end of 2015 I created my biggest-ever stonebalancing sculpture, 'Trust in Nature' (pictured above). The original balancing process – which took place on Bodmin Moor – was filmed for The One Show on BBC1 and broadcast on 25 November. Click here to watch the clip.

Click here to watch the episode of Channel 4's Grand Designs in which I created a massive stonebalancing sculpture for the garden of a new cliffside house in North Wales.






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