The Art Of Stonebalancing

Adrian Gray is the pioneer of stonebalancing art. Over the last 18 years he has been exploring the fine art of balance. His work has evolved to include new ideas and themes, but the predominant feature remains the beauty and seemingly impossible nature of balance. Using carefully selected weathered stones he creates sculptures that range in size from meditative desktop balances to monumental 6m installations. His work has been sited in public and private spaces across the world. Critics have likened Adrian’s work, and the dramatic effect it has on his audience, to the power and presence of the ancient menhirs and stone circles that stud the landscape in which Adrian lives and works. In their balanced state, the sculptures exist for as long as the elements allow. Many of these transient pieces have been recorded in a series of photographic prints and a book.

Adrian also creates balanced sculptures as commissions for private homes and gardens and public and commercial spaces. In every case he films the piece being balanced, and then fixes the sculpture precisely in its balanced position before installing it as a permanent (and safe!) art work.

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Below: Adrian Gray Stonebalancing sculptures on his tradestand at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021. The stand won four gold stars

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