2012 – 2


The idea: I hope it’s obvious – stonebalancing sailing boats. The Olympic sailing competition was down the road from me so I wanted to commemorate that and, of course, cash in on the Games!
The balance: Unbelievably tricky. At least five attempts on five separate days. Getting stones, tides, flat sea, and sunset in sync was fraught with difficulty. Plus the rocky plinths had to be exactly the same height.
Artist’s thoughts: I starting working on this idea in January; four months later it was done. To work with the vagaries of the weather and the sea is a mug’s game, but one day the universe smiled and gave me perfect conditions.

The 2012 Collection

All the photographs are printed on archival photographic paper using archival ink, and come mounted with a backing board ready to be framed. The 700 x 500mm mounts are a standard size to fit shop-bought frames. All the prints are signed by the artist on the mount and on the reverse of the photograph, and are sent in a flat-pack box.


  • Mounts 700 x 500mm
  • Photographs 480 x 340mm