Garden Sculptures

My garden sculptures are generally balanced by hand so I am limited to rocks that I can lift. This means the maximum height is around 1.7m and I can install these easily without lifting equipment. I also create medium-sized sculptures from 1.7m to 3m high and weighing roughly 1 to 3 tonnes; these pieces require a crane for balancing and installation. I would be very happy to discuss your requirements, or you can choose your sculpture from a selection of photographs that I can send you of my current collection.

Alternatively, you are welcome to come to my studio to see what is available and to witness the creation of your sculpture. Each piece comes with a video of me creating its original balance, which adds another dimension to the work.

When you have chosen your sculpture, I will discreetly fix the stones together exactly in their balanced position and install in your chosen location – indoors or outdoors – to make a permanent sculpture. Even when fixed, the sculptures have an esoteric energy and a certain presence to them.

Get in touch for more information and prices.


Garden Sculpture Gallery


How it Works

My garden sculptures which are up to 1.6m tall are balanced by hand. I am limited in size for these sculptures by what stones I can lift and manually move. 


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